So where are all those trees we are ‘killing’?

When retailers started dropping plastic bags in favour of paper a few years ago, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) responded by labelling paper bags as “tree-hungry.”  More recently, the lobby against Toronto’s proposed ban on plastic bags urged city councillors to “Save a tree. Reverse the bag ban.” Today, the pattern continues, with CPIA […]

Not quite all in the bag yet

PPEC has been monitoring the proliferation of bans and/or fees on shopping bags for some time, the most recent iteration being the City of Toronto’s move to ban single-use plastic bags from sale, effective January 1st. While we sympathise with the plastics industry in the way Toronto’s proposed ban originated (paper could equally have been […]

What BC’s new “Blue Box” Program Plan should look like

The province of British Columbia has asked industry “stewards” (brandowners and retailers) to design an industry-funded program for the collection, processing and marketing of residential printed paper and packaging. This is what the Program Plan should look like: 1. It should include all printed paper and packaging There should be no exceptions. No Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba-type systems […]

Environmental Labelling

Proposed environmental labeling system could lead to claims of industry greenwashing The US-based Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) has transplanted a UK environmental labelling idea to a North American context and is encouraging Canadian companies to pilot it. While we commend the initiative, in our opinion there is a serious danger that companies adopting it could leave themselves […]

Giving paper due credit

How often have you seen this graphic commonly used to signify Ontario’s Blue Box System?  It’s even on Waste Diversion Ontario’s website.  You’d be forgiven for thinking that bottles and cans are the only materials being recovered. Wrong. Big Time.  In fact, plastic, glass and metal containers represent just over 20% of what Ontario’s Blue […]